• Shinelay Brass, Metal, Copper and Steel Polisher in Spray Bottle for Cleaning 500ml Stain Remover

    About this item

    • Shinelay Brass, Metal, Copper, Steel and Silver Cleaner in 500ml Spray Bottle
    • Use to clean and polish all metal objects at your home easily.
    • It will clear the dirt from and Silver Jewellery and make it shine like new.
    • Easy To Use- It takes just seconds to effortlessly polish, rinse & dry for a brilliant, mirror-like shine
    • Please use the product with give instructions on the product.
    • Eco-Friendly Product
    • Safe on bare Hands,Protect – Anti-tarnish formula leaves behind a protective coating that delays tarnish from reforming
    • Effective – Helps bring your pieces back to its original beauty by erasing the discoloration
    • Safe on Hands Use On – All brass, copper & metal mugs, pots, pans, sinks, doorknobs, unlacquered brass objects, rails & fixtures. & other tarnished brass pieces around your home
    • Recommended – Safely cleans & shines brass, copper, & metal without tedious buffing.

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