USB Magnetic Charging Cable (Smart Watch Charger 2 Pin)


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USB Magnetic Charging Cable (Smart Watch Charger 2 Pin)

Introducing the USB Magnetic Charging: Keep your smartwatch powered up and ready for action with this innovative and convenient charging cable. Designed with cutting-edge magnetic technology, this 2-pin USB charging cable offers a hassle-free and efficient way to recharge your smartwatch.

The magnetic charging feature ensures a secure and reliable connection between the cable and your smartwatch. With a simple snap-on design, you can effortlessly attach the charging cable to your smartwatch’s charging pins, allowing for quick and stable charging without the need for any extra cables or adapters.

The USB compatibility adds to the versatility of this charging cable. With a standard USB connector on one end, you can easily plug it into any USB port, whether it’s on your computer, wall adapter, or power bank. This means you can charge your smartwatch at home, at the office, or even on the go, providing convenience and flexibility to keep your device charged wherever you are.

Crafted from durable and high-quality materials, this charging cable ensures long-lasting performance. The robust construction protects the cable from wear and tear, making it a reliable and durable charging solution for your smartwatch.

The 2-pin design of this charging cable is compatible with various smartwatch models that use a charging configuration. It’s essential to check the compatibility with your specific smartwatch model before making a purchase to ensure it’s the right fit for your device.

In summary, the Charging Cable offers a seamless and efficient charging experience for your smartwatch. Embrace the convenience and reliability of magnetic technology, and keep your smartwatch powered up and ready to accompany you throughout the day. With its USB compatibility and durable build, this charging cable is a practical and must-have accessory for all smartwatch users, ensuring you never run out of power when you need it the most.

Specially designed for Fire-Boltt 360 SpO2 Smartwatch Boat Watch Xtend.
Specially designed for Boat Storm Smartwatch W26.
Mini and durable: Charge your device more securely when connected to USB power source on PC, Mac, Laptop or notebook and mobile phone.
Good replacement, make charging more convenient wherever in home, office or travel.
Charging method is by magnetic suction thimble contact.


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360 SpO2 Smart Watch Charger 2 Pin USB Fast Charger Magnetic Charging Cable Adapter (Smart Watch Charger 2 pin)

USB Magnetic Charging Cable (Smart Watch Charger 2 Pin)


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