Curtain String Lights 12 Stars 138 LED


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Curtain String Lights 12 Stars 138 LED

Total number of LED is 138, including a total of 12 stars ornaments (6 big 6 small). The wire length of 2.5m, the large star ornaments diameter 20cm, which each string droops 1m; Small star diameter 10cm, which each string droops 60cm. Super long power line length 1.8m. Eight Adjustable Modes: 8 modes memory controller. Modes can be changed by pressing the button, mode switching sequence is combination(All kinds of flashing mode display in turn). In Waves, Sequential, Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady On. IP44 Waterproof: It can be used in indoor and outdoor environment. The ; waterproof level is not high, can not prevent the storm or soaked in water. If you want to use the lights for long time, please make good waterproof protection measures of the controller and lights when outdoor use. Please note that the power socket is not waterproof.

Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, the Curtain String Lights feature 12 beautifully designed stars, each adorned with 138 LED bulbs that emit a soft and warm glow. The stars are strategically arranged on the curtain, creating an ethereal constellation that adds a touch of elegance and charm to your living spaces.

With a versatile design, these Curtain String Lights can be easily hung on windows, walls, doorways, or as a backdrop for special occasions and events. The curtain-like arrangement allows for effortless installation and customization, making it an ideal choice for any room or occasion.

The LED bulbs used in the Curtain String Lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, ensuring a prolonged and sustainable illumination that saves on energy consumption. The low heat emission of the LEDs makes these lights safe to touch, eliminating any worries about overheating.

Create a captivating ambiance with the Curtain String Lights, transforming any space into a magical wonderland that evokes feelings of wonder and serenity. Whether used as bedroom  or party embellishment, these lights add a dash of celestial charm to any setting.

The Curtain String Lights offer multiple lighting modes, allowing you to choose from various settings such as steady-on, twinkling, and sequential flashing. This versatility lets you set the perfect mood for any occasion, be it a cozy night in or a lively celebration.

The curtain’s design features high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The sturdy construction of the Curtain String Lights guarantees that they can withstand repeated use and storage, making them a lasting and reliable decorative element.

These lights are not only visually appealing but also versatile in their applications. They can be used to enhance the for holidays, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions, adding a celestial touch that mesmerizes guests and creates lasting memories.

With the Curtain String Lights, you can easily transform your living spaces into a starlit paradise. The soft and warm glow of the LED lights imbues your surroundings with a sense of comfort and tranquility, making it the perfect addition to your relaxation and leisure areas.

The Curtain String Lights come with easy-to-use controls, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the brightness and lighting modes to suit your preferences and needs. This user-friendly feature ensures a hassle-free experience when setting up and enjoying these enchanting lights.


Curtain String Lights 12 Stars 138 LED

Country of Origin: INDIA

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Curtain String Lights 12 Stars 138 LED


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