Kids Clogs- Navy parrot-11


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Kids Clogs- Navy parrot-11

Slip into your favorite clog and enjoy a custom fit, water-friendly design and ventilated forefoot for breathability. Made with lightweight, durable Croslite material, the contoured footbeds and outsoles deliver incredible comfort and support for whatever the day has in store. Crocs brings you this amazing pair of clogs with a perfect combination of style and comfort.

  1. Target Audience: The term “Kids” specifies that these clogs are designed for children, ensuring that parents or guardians can quickly identify the appropriate age group.
  2. Clog Style: The use of “Clogs” indicates the type of footwear, offering parents a specific style option for their kids.
  3. Color Clarity: The term “Navy” clearly communicates the color of the clogs, making it easy for parents and children to visualize the product.
  4. Fun Design: The addition of “Parrot” in the name suggests a fun and playful design, appealing to children’s tastes.
  5. Size Information: The inclusion of “Size 11” indicates the clogs’ specific size, ensuring the right fit for the child’s feet.
  6. Easy Understanding: The product name provides a straightforward description of the clogs, making it easy for parents to identify the type, color, and size of the footwear.
  7. Quick Decision Making: With a clear and concise name, parents can quickly assess if the clogs match their child’s preferences and make an informed purchasing decision.
  8. Clarity in Branding: By offering a clear product name, the brand establishes itself as transparent and direct in its messaging.
  9. Appealing to Kids: The playful “Parrot” reference in the name adds an element of excitement for children, making the clogs more appealing to wear.
  10. Parent Convenience: The specific size in the product name allows parents to easily find the right fit for their child without needing to search further.

Kids Clogs- Navy parrot-11

Color: Navy Blue
Type: Clogs
Style: Solid
Material: Croslite

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Kids Clogs- Navy/parrot-11

Kids Clogs- Navy parrot-11


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