Men Waterproof Raincoat


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  1.  Men Waterproof Raincoat
  2. Target Audience: The term “Men” specifies that this raincoat is designed specifically for adult male customers.
  3. Waterproof Feature: The inclusion of “Waterproof” in the product name emphasizes the primary function of the raincoat, which is to keep the wearer dry during rain.
  4. Two-Piece Design: The mention of “Raincoat with Pant” indicates that it is a two-piece set, providing full-body coverage.
  5. Material Clarity: The use of “Semi-Nylon” indicates the material used in the raincoat, offering information about its composition.
  6. Bike Rain Suit: The mention of “Bike Rain Suit” suggests that this raincoat is suitable for motorcyclists, highlighting its practicality for bikers.
  7. Rain Jacket Suit: The term “Rain Jacket Suit” further clarifies that it is a complete set of rain gear, including both a jacket and pants.
  8. Mobile Pocket: The mention of a “Mobile Pocket” informs potential buyers that there is a specific compartment for storing a mobile phone, adding convenience during rainy weather.
  9. Storage Bag: The mention of a “Storage Bag” indicates that the raincoat can be easily folded and stored when not in use, providing added practicality for users.
  10. Color Description: The mention of “Black & Blue” provides a clear description of the color options available for customers to choose from.
  11. Comprehensive Information: The product name includes a comprehensive list of features and accessories, helping customers quickly understand the raincoat’s specifications.
  12. Men Waterproof Raincoat

• Waterproof Semi-Nylon Fabric. Foldable hooded Raincoats for men/women Recommended raincoat product.• The elasticated waist size of Pant is 38 inches. Elastic enclosure on wrists for comfortable fit• Leak-proof stitching. The length of the coat is 28 inch and the length of the pant is 41 inch. Chest size is 25 inch.• Two side pockets, so that your valuable watches and mobile phones are safeguarded.It is made of single coated layered semi-Nylon Fabric. It has tape on the back of stitching to protect water from entering inside during rain. The dress that you wear will not get wet in the rain. It is foldable, light weight, waterproof with hooded rain coats for men Recommended Product will not sink water inside . It is good for heavy rain. No water leakage inside. It provides leakage protection while during roaming in rain, riding a bike in moderate to heavy rain. It can be used while riding cycle. It comes with both a separate raincoat jacket coat and track pants set .It comes with a carry bag cover for keeping coat and pant.

Rain Coat for Men Waterproof Raincoat with Pant semi-Nylon Rain Coat For Men Bike Rain Suit Rain Jacket Suit Mobile Pocket with Storage Bag (Black Blue)

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Rain Coat for Men Waterproof Raincoat with Pant semi-Nylon Rain Coat For Men Bike Rain Suit Rain Jacket Suit Mobile Pocket with Storage Bag (Black  Blue)

Men Waterproof Raincoat


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